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Kinevo 900 from Zeiss

The three-in-one solution sets a new benchmark in assisting surgeons with additional insights for better clinical decisions, while reducing complexity and manual repositioning.

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Neurosurgical Robotic Visualization System from ZEISS

Robotic Visualization System™ – KINEVO® 900 from ZEISS combines digital and optical visualization modalities, allowing the surgeon to choose between proven optical and integrated 4K and 3D visualization.

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Introducing THE ALL-NEW

ARTEVO 800 from Zeiss

ARTEVO® 800 from ZEISS offers greater certainty during surgery thanks to the combination of the well-known quality of ZEISS optics and the vast possibilities of digital imaging with integrated 4K 3D visualization.

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Micro Image Technologies has been a trusted advisor to some of the most skilled surgeons and world-renowned hospitals throughout the Northeast since 1996. We provide leading edge, precision optical (microscopes) equipment (tools) to neurological, ophthalmology and ear nose and throat surgeons to achieve ever better patient outcomes and push quality care further.

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We are proud and honored to have been named 2021 Zeiss Distributor of the Year.  Many thanks to our clients, partners and the best team of representatives and support staff in the industry.

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